London, UK

My name is Sonya, one of the most important things to know about me is that I have a T-rex tattoo on my wrist named Albert. Albert and I are exploring the world together, check out @albertandsonya on instagram. Also I am an animator and an illustrator and I love to draw about „today‘s taboo“ such as period or sex.


Paris, France

Anna Wanda Gogusey is an illustrator and designer living and working in Paris. Graduated from the ENSAAMA Olivier de Serres school of Art & Design in Paris, her practice ranges from illustration and design to painting murals or making gig posters. She is also the founder and Art Director of Retard Magazine and the textile brand Unseven. 


Oxford, UK

Meg Primmer is a freelance illustrator and student at Oxford Brookes University, studying Fine Art & Art History. Her work explores taboo subjects, feminism and sexuality. Using a pastel color palette she also explores aesthetics and style within her designs.


Cape Town, South Africa

Artist and illustrator, born in Cape Town. Her work is heavily inspired by bodies and intersectional feminism. As a teenager she suffered from anorexia so she uses Art as a form of healing and a way to help her learn and grow through accepting this home she calls a body. She has lived in Hanoi, Vietnam, Prague and now Berlin. All these beautiful places and cultures inspire her work too.


Odisha, India

Muskan Agrawal is a visual artist, photographer, poet and illustrator. She hails from Odisha, India and is now in Pune completing her graduation from MIT ADT University. The aspect of being able to create something is important to her. She strongly believes in taking inspiration from nature and life. The idea of putting her artwork and words out in the world fascinates her.


Cusco, Peru

Illustrator and graphic designer.

"My work is focused especially in female gender thematic and menstruation. I wish to visibilize more and more the fact that the menstruation is something natural, powerful and beautiful so I try there my illustrations to make visible this aspects of the menstruation to incentivate women to not shut up when they are on their period."


Herefordshire, UK

My name is Alix. I draw badass women in big girl boots, drinking smoothies, riding bananas and stomping out the haters, all inspired by the powerful and beautiful people in my life, so thank you to all of you.


Brunnen, Switzerland

Rachel Galbiati is a self-taught fine artist and illustrator based in Switzerland. Her colorful and bold paintings and digital drawings center around the wild feminine. She also creates personal portraits, your personal wild woman portrait. It should remind you of your feminine strength every day.


Rome, Italy

Silvia Marchetti is an Italian illustrator and motion designer based in Rome. As long as she would love to be as relaxed as her illustration, during her period she cries a lot and eats alarming amounts of peanut butter.


Andria, Italy

Alessia Zagaria, aka Alis is a young illustrator from southern Italy. Lover of art since childhood, she finds in the world of illustration the most creative and magical way to communicate feelings, situations and emotions, which do not need words anymore.


Lviv, Ukraine

My name is Khrystyna Lukashchuk. I was born in Lviv, Ukraine. Now I live and work in England. I draw for both children and adults. I want to change this world for the better. I also want every woman to learn to love herself and stand up for her boundaries. Although my works are more modern, I am very often inspired by the folk motifs of my homeland.


Tokyo, Japan

Sawako Kabuki graduated with a Bachelor of Graphic Design from Tama Art University, and later completed her master‘s after working for a porn video company. Her films have been selected and awarded at festivals in more than 20 countries such as Annecy, Ottawa, Rotterdam, Zagreb and SXSW. She is known for her distinct directorial personality in hand-drawn animation.


Bogotà, Colombia

Alejandra Ruiz is an animator and illustrator, from Bogotá, Colombia. She has worked in the publishing field, illustrating articles for magazines, educational publications for blogs and social organizations. She loves to illustrate people, places and daily life situations combining them with vibrant colors, textures and organic shapes to create emotion.